vivi's first birthday party!

I'm excited to post the photos from Vivi's birthday party today!  It was such a perfect afternoon, even if it was a bit overwhelming for the birthday girl herself.  I just felt like it was worth a huge celebration for our little family.  We made it!  Chip and I made it through our first year of parenting, and Vivi survived her first year with parents who still have a lot to learn.  I am so excited we have reached this milestone, and equally as thrilled that her birthday will be a yearly kickoff to a wonderful season of celebrating Christmas and family.  Vivi's birthday "theme" was Vivi.  I wanted it to reflect her, and hopefully let some of the guests learn a little more about our little Peanut.  We ended up having quite a crowd (guess that is one of the perks of being the first baby of your generation on both sides of the family!), but much of them don't get to see Vivi as often as any of us would like due to time or location, so this was a chance for them to see a slice of her life.  The menu featured grown-up (or at least slightly more interesting) versions of her favorite items: lasagna cupcakes, pecan kisses, blueberries & brie, banana pudding, and sweet potato chips,  along with a few other items just to round things out.  One of my favorite parts was the "wall of Vivi" where we hung up each of her monthly photos.  I really hadn't looked at them all side by side, and it was so fun to see how she changed each month!   (I used Scotch poster tape, and it worked perfectly!  Not a scratch on the walls, and the pictures stayed up well after the party.)In the backyard, we had a fire with some seating and played a slideshow of Vivi's first year, which was really fun.  The Peanut Theater sign is one of my favorite "keepsakes" from the party, and I'm hoping to find a spot to hang it more permanently.  We had popcorn and coffee and Chip and I quietly sang happy birthday to our sweet girl (who is easily overwhelmed by large crowds making noises all at once).  It was a perfect afternoon, and such a treat to celebrate with those who love Vivi most.  To top it all off, below is Vivi's beloved Uncle Kemble, in a tribute to her monthly photo shoots:


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