vivi's 2nd birthday party

*And the winner of the Darling Clementine giveaway is Kristin Goree!  Congratulations, Kristin, and thanks to all who entered!  Be sure to check out Lay Baby Lay's favorites for December!*Today, I'm sharing a some of the details from Vivi's birthday.  It really turned out to be a magical night, and the kids loved it.  (My apologies for the "instagrammed" photos - I was just using them from a few different sources.)

It was a Noah's Ark party, with some animal and rainbow details here and there, with a backyard showing of "Horton Hears a Who."

We made mini tents from the My Cakies tutorial.  They were super easy and inexpensive, and I used twin sheets from Ikea that I cut down.  I added tissue paper decorations to the top, and we strung Christmas lights over them for added fun.  It was great, because each family got to take one home with them!

(photos taken by Valerie McKay and myself and party guests.)


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