vivi & brigette's shared room

shared room inspirationI'm working on a room for Vivi and Brigette to share when we spend time at our family farm.  I'm pretty excited about working on a shared space, since I get frequent questions about how to make this work.  Of course, they are both girls, so that makes it a bit easier, but it still needs to work for an active toddler and an infant.  The beds will be different than pictured; I will likely use Vivi's white Jenny Lind crib, and we are working on updating a cute little toddler bed (had to include that gorgeous iron bed, though - it's so beautiful, and on sale!).  I'm going for sort of a wildlife + camp feel, since it is at the farm and in the woods.  Vivi has also been taken by the thought of camping since she saw a Yo Gabba Gabba episode about it awhile back.  We'll have to have a real camping adventure here soon, but I thought it would also make it extra fun to take it inside for her, too.  Those pretty illustrations above are from one of my favorite children's books, the Color Kittens (used them here), and I'm planning on some wildlife art with a similar look.  I won't actually be including that gorgeous James Harrison chair, either - it's not in the budget - but I'm still working on the seating part of the room, and it doesn't hurt to dream, right?  Thanks to the Land of Nod for the adorable bedding, that pouf, and some of the other charming details - can't wait to put it all together!


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