Tips on Creating a Kid Friendly Entryway

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

Finishing up the details in our little entryway/foyer has been on my to do list for awhile. We have had those sconces up since we moved in, and I found the perfect vintage painting at a favorite thrift shop, but I've been waiting on a table and a rug. I turned to Walmart Home to find the right items to finish out this space, and here are my tips for putting together an entry space that is both kid friendly and useful.

First, choose a machine washable rug. I love how much warmth this rug brings to the space (the girls often play in here, and they love the softer layer over the brick!). It's so great that you can just pop these rugs in the wash for a quick clean-up, too! You can't ask for much more with muddy feet coming in and out so often! Check out the Walmart Home line of washable rugs here.

Next, select a table that fits in the space, as a landing spot for keys and papers. A demilune table is great for tight spots because there are no pointy corners, but it still has ample room for storage. I love this table I found from Walmart Home.

Add a plant or some yard cuttings for a little life, and a pretty bowl to hold keys or other small objects you may need to keep handy. I love this little planter!

Last, I love using bottom shelves for kid friendly items. My kids especially love playing in the little foyer, so having a spot to stash toys or books is so handy (especially if you need to tidy up for last minute guests!). A cute basket is also really helpful to hide items you'd rather not have on display. It's also a fun, intentional way to lean in to the fact that there are kids in the house. Working with them, rather than against them, really helps!

Now, you are ready to welcome guests over - I love how this space came together, thanks to Walmart Home!


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