there is always time for a dance party

circus bearI am working on a few little tweaks and updates for Vivi's room, and I made this little print.  Her room is still in progress (nothing major, just refreshing it a bit), so I'll share photos when it's all done, but in the meantime, I have this print available in three different color ways on Society 6.   Vivi loves the idea of the circus and marching and she adores bears and ice cream (of course!).  She and Chip have a "dance party" almost every night when he gets home from work, and she loves it.  Chip is really great about always making time for it - and he'll even stop on his way out the door for work in the morning for a very little dance party if she requests it.  I thought this was a great reminder for us to make time when we can for the things that are important to her little heart, plus a great little mashup of Vivi Charles favorites!


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