the littlest mermaid

mermaid baby room ideasAfter getting several requests for a mermaid nursery, I have finally managed to put together a board.  Apparently, there are quite a few mermaid fans out there, and I hope this is helpful!  I think having some furniture with straight lines keeps the room from becoming too saccharine, but the peachy pink walls and dramatic chandelier make the room dreamy.  The Peter Pan mermaids are adorable, but I could not find any art that featured them; a fun project would be to buy a vintage Peter Pan book, scan in the pages, and then have some large format prints made of the images.  I am having a little trouble with the links in the margin today, so I'm posting them below!  (And, yes, I know that mermaid snuggle suit is insanely expensive, but I couldn't leave it out!  It was circling around Twitter a few months ago, and I just think it's hilariously cute.)

(1) Aquamarine Glass Chandelier

(2) Victorian Mermaids

(3) Redhead Mermaid

(4) Dinglehopper

(5) Sea Stars

(6) Mermaid on Shell

(7) Flower Mermaid

(8) Nautilus Bookends

(9) Seashell Letter

(10) White Century Crib

(11) Mermaid Snuggle Suit

(12) Wood Tiled Dresser

(13) Starfish Pillow

(14) Mendocino Fabric by Heather Ross

(15) Turquoise Medallion Rug

(16) Neutral Coral Chair

(17) Pink Pouf














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