simple valance project

nursery curtainsI'm going to post a couple of DIY posts on the sewing project in this room, but before I do, I'll preface it with the fact that I am not an accomplished seamstress.  I just know how to get things to stick together and I'm not afraid to experiment, so for those of you with more technique than I, please don't laugh!  Today I'm posting about the curtains.  They are pretty simple and inexpensive.  I used these double rods and then cut and hemmed the panels from some painter's dropcloth leftover from my sister's wedding (similar to this) and added some white pom pom trim to the inside edge. Below are the details on how the valances were made (with this fabric).  These are just like the ones in Vivi's room, except I added some blackout liner since I used a patterned fabric.  If you don't use the liner, the fabric won't look as nice with the sun shining through the back, unless it is white.  I also typically recommend using a blackout  liner for the curtain panels, too, to help the babies sleep longer and better, but I'm going to experiment with not using them in this room because I'm trying to get them to be a bit more flexible about where they sleep.  Hope this helps those of you trying to do something similar!  I'll also be posting DIY's on the pillows and bookshelf here soon!nursery curtains


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