red-letter days

red letter daysRecently, I asked my beautifully talented and sweet friend Alea to come over and take some photos of the girls and me.  It's so hard for me to get pictures with them, and I also wanted to get some images of us spending time together in their rooms as proof that they were in fact this tiny and I did hold them as much as I could.  I love their spaces, and sometimes it's a challenge to really capture how they feel, and what makes them most precious are the little people who live and sleep there.  hide & seekI really do feel like this little season of life is just full of red-letter days, which is part of why I wanted these moments captured.  It seems like time is standing still, yet at the same time rushing by entirely too fast.  I have changed a lot since Brigette was born.  Somehow I have lost a lot of the reluctance I had before about motherhood.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I'm embracing it much more now.  Everyone has their own experience, and mine has been all the more sweeter since we added another.  I used to get frustrated sometimes when I felt stuck at home or tired or unable to do the other things I wanted to, but now my first thought is, "well, what else would I rather be doing right now?"  Quite often the answer is not much else other than having chubby little arms around my neck or a toddler dancing at my feet..  falling asleepI love this sequence of pictures above, because you can see Brigette falling asleep.  This is just what she does.  She was getting tired, and decided it was time for a nap, so she stuck her fingers in her mouth and nodded right off, in between photos.  My spirited little Vivi never did that, and I'm always amazed when Brigette just handles it herself when she needs to calm down or go to sleep.  She's already living up to her name (strength).  I'm sure that's part of why this transition has been so different.  Brigie is calm and laid back, whereas my Vivi often had me on my toes when she was an infant!snugglesVivi loves the ottoman in Brigette's room.  She is constantly pushing it around, putting her babies to sleep on it, or sitting on it to get a better view of Brigie's diaper changes.brigie's room(Some of you have asked about the Holiday print.  I printed it from here.)detailsWe spend a ton of time in Vivi's room playing.  It's such a happy space, with lots of light, and since Brigette is napping in her room so much these days, we tend to go there for dance parties, pretend cupcake baking, and book reading.vivi's roomI love these pictures of Vivi just relaxing on her bed.  It's definitely her little safe space, cuddled up with bear and catching a little quiet time.vivis room 2Vivi is really into cooking these days, too.  She is always making cupcakes, muffins, or ice cream, and she often gives Chip a bowlful to take with him to the office in the mornings.playingWe also spend a lot of time reading.  It's one of my favorite things to do with the girls, because I can hold them both close.  We usually all read together before naptime, when they are both all sleepy and cuddly.  What a priceless season, with little hearts that are so open and willing to listen.  May I never take for granted this opportunity to just pour, pour, pour into them.readingThanks, Alea, for these photos of my darling girls!  You can see more here - she took so many and it was hard to narrow them down (not that I did much narrowing, but I tried)!


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