peanut's playspace

playroom style board(Don't forget to enter the awesome Little Choux wallpaper giveaway!  The winner will be announced tomorrow!)

Currently, we are working on turning the basement into a playroom for Vivi.  Formerly, it was Chip's office, and then a space where I worked on wooden signs and other projects, so it had become quite a mess of abandoned work, paint, and stuff that had nowhere else to go upstairs.  Finally, we managed to carve out some time to start working on it, and I'm so excited to have a fun space that is entirely Vivi friendly.  I really want to have a spot where I can host playdates and have mom friends over, so I'm working to make it comfortable to both hang out and play.  (No, I don't have nor will I be purchasing that amazing Clarke sofa.  I just drool over it whenever we go into room in board - I'd like it in navy, please, or the blue velvet - and the color of this one is just similar-ish to the sofa we already have to use in the space.  This is me dreaming.)  This isn't all precise, and some things will change, but it's an overall idea for the feel of the space.  We aren't planning to paint, and the room is currently a toffee color with awkwardly high wainscoting that is white, so it's sort of half and half . . . guess you'll just have to see when we post photos of the finished room!

Any tips on playroom storage/planning?  Or any questions you have that you'd like me to explore in this process?


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