peanut #2's nursery board

black and white baby room ideasI am in the process of wrapping up details on Peanut #2's nursery, so I thought I'd share what I started with for the design of her little room.  Some things have changed, but the dresser was the first thing I bought (I was super excited, because it was exactly what I had in my head and I found it on craigslist).  An entire room of wallpaper was out of budget, so we settled on one wall with pattern and painted the rest.  I'm glad we did, because I think it may have ended up a bit busy, and I'm really crazy over how the color turned out and I can't wait to share!  The touches of pink were a later addition because the room was starting to look a little too sophisticated.  I'm really happy with that St. Barth's fabric because it has just the right amount of playfulness.  Chip says it reminds him of Dr. Seuss.  We are getting so close to go time - only four weeks left - and I'm anxious to get all the details ironed out!  I sent the artwork to print yesterday, so I just have to paint one piece of furniture, finish up a few pillows, and oh, yeah, tackle that ottoman project.

(If you are wondering, Vivi slept in her big girl bed last night!  It went slightly better than I expected, but not as well as I had hoped.  It will be a transition!  She is overall very excited about it, but had a tough time letting us leave her last night.  And she decided to wake up at 5 a.m.  I hope we can quickly get back onto a good schedule, because bedtime is normally a very peaceful and quick process.  The good news is that I was completely dreading naptime, and she nodded off in her bed before I finished the second book . . . which has never happened ever before.  She wore herself - and her mama - completely out.  I'm hoping it will help her realize that it's ok to sleep there!)


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