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master bedroom ideas with serena & lily

I am working on updating our bedroom, and it's nearly done!  Above is a bit of the inspiration.  It is feeling so much fresher and happier than it was before.   It's so nice to have a (nearly) finished and thoughtful bedroom.  It's so hard to pay attention to our own space when other places seem to demand more immediate attention, but it's really paying off!  And, can I just say, those sconces are super dreamy?  We have them on dimmers, and it's so perfect for reading before bed!  That black and white print is by Vivi, and I have two smaller ones - such fun additions to the space.  I also adore the side cart as an end table.  It works great, and I can also easily move it if needed for entertaining purposes.  Below is a little peek from a post a couple of weeks ago:

master bedroom ideas




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