on being original

& a DIY table!

Chip listens to Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis frequently on his drive to work and is constantly bringing me back little nuggets to ponder.  It certainly gives one much to think about - I highly recommend reading or listening to it (listening to it makes it much easier to follow - especially if you purchase the one with the British gentleman reading - it is like listening to C.S. Lewis himself)!  I have been pondering over the above quote here lately.  It is so timely, especially in this place where it seems the world keeps getting smaller and on one hand, creativity seems to be flourishing, but on the other, it seems to be more easily copied, less than original, and everything starts to "taste the same."  If you are a blogger or somehow involved in the creative industry, I'm quite sure you know what I mean.  It's  a challenge to find your own voice, make it consistent, and stay fresh.  I don't know that I am always successful - but I'm trying!  At any rate, there is a little slice of what is on my mind right now.

On another note, go to the BHG style spotter blog today to see a little DIY table!  My friend Jane gave me the idea, and Vivi adores her little toddler tables.  I'll post pictures when I get them arranged in her new play space with their new little covers. Click on the image below to go to the post:do it yourself kid table


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