narwhal and alpaca posters in the shop!

narwhal print for baby room

I have a couple of new prints in my shop that I wanted to share here!  I created these for our church nursery rooms, and I love how they came together - hope you do, too!  First up is this narwhal.

(items from above: Narwhal Print (the large canvas would be the closest approximation to this look - I printed this one myself); Ukulele; Rainbow Stacker Toy; Brass Snail; Bobbsey Twin Books; Fisher Price Camera; Confetti the Unicorn; Pineapple Nightlight)

llama alpaca print for baby rooms

Next up are these cute little alpacas hanging out on the mountain tops.

(Sources: Alpaca Print; Vintage Globe; The New Basic Reader Books; Stacker Dino; Camera; Vintage Radio)

Happy Friday, friends!



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