my nephew's nursery!

(Updated with source for aqua basket.  When I posted this on Friday, the link was broken for some reason - my apologies!)  Exciting news - my sister is expecting a boy in July!  It's so fun to watch our family grow, and it will be an adventure to have a boy in the mix!  She is getting started on her nursery, and I'm helping where I can.  She originally wanted to go with a cowboy look, but then decided to go more of an animal/safari route, so this board is a cowboy/animal/farm mashup with their budget in mind.  The room is carpeted, so they don't want to spend a lot on a large rug, and they are on the hunt for the perfect dresser/changing table.  We are hoping to find something vintage in the $400 or less range (as a reference, that dresser in the picture is the same one I found for Brigette's nursery and it was $350).  I'm sure a few of these things will change a bit, but she bought the pendant, the rocker, the ottoman, and the walls are painted, so things are moving along!  I really love the new Skip crib from Babyletto - isn't it beautiful?  Just wanted to share as I often get questions about the process of putting a nursery together, and here is the start!  I'm hoping to update as we/they finish projects here and there so you can see how things come together.


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