man gift guide

for the hippie-hearted lumberjack

man gift guide(Sources, from top left: (1) Chup Socks; (2) Ace of Spades banner; (3) Tree Branch Candles; (4) Magical Beard Balm; (5) Forestbound Pouch; (6) Folsom Prison LP; (7) AV Room Turntable; (8) iPhone Horn Radio; (9) Led Zepplin 3XLP; (10) iPhone Ready Vintage Stereo; (11) Big Jug of Maple Syrup; (12) Double Neck Cigar Box Guitar; (13) Lickity Split Axe; (14) Audubon Tree Guide; (15) Walnut Table Lamp; (16) Guitar Pick Punch; (17) Plaid Frat Hat; (18) Crosley Songbird Radio Speaker; (19) Fjallraven Kanken Backpack; (20) Lumberlander Scarf

For today's gift guide, I'm featuring some man gifts.  These are mostly inspired by Chip (he's what I know!) so they may not apply to every guy, but there are some fun items above.  I love all the creativity abounding in the iPhone speaker realm - there are some really beautiful options!  That vintage Crosley speaker is so lovely - although quite a splurge!  The new little songbird version is still really adorable, and also more affordable.  I bought Chip one of those backpacks for his birthday, and he is loving it.  It's really great when he takes the girls on adventures; he has somewhere for extra diapers, a bottle, and Bear that won't make him feel like he's compromising his masculinity.  I'm crazy about nearly everything in the Best Made Co. store; if nothing else, put your guy on their mailing list!  The catalog is beautiful, and the last one came with a poster of all the gorgeous painted axes. (Sadly, that Forestbound pouch is now sold out, but I had to include it!  Their bags are awesome - hopefully they will be back in stock at some point!)


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