hospital checklist!

what to take to the hospitalI have posted on this before, but since it is top of mind for me right now, I thought I would re-visit it here, with a new download.  This would be a great gift for a friend - tie the list to a bag (or make your own, tailored to your friend's needs!) and include a couple of items.  Also, be sure to check out my (more info here - awesome way to make a baby registry that isn't limited to one store!) where I added a few items we included in the nursery, as well as a few treats for post-delivery.  It really is nice to have a few things on hand, like a robe or comfy pants, that are new and ready to use during that in between time of not quite feeling like yourself yet, and it's also uplifting for countless middle of the night and early morning feedings.  Feel free to download the 7" x 10" printouts from the margin to the right - just click the link and you will find a pdf you can download and print.

Any must have items you would add?  I know this can differ greatly according to the person, but these are the items I found to be helpful!


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