hands free with google home

For the past couple of weeks, we have been trying out Google Home.  Can you spot the little guy up there in the photo?

(sources from above: Cannons Canvas; similar glass trees; small gold tree)

There he is!  Pretty cute, huh?  I expected him to be bigger, but with that small, sleek profile, he kind of blends in wherever I put him (you can also switch out the bases!).

Before I get into how we have been using our new Google Home, let me preface this by saying we are sort of low tech when it comes to parenting.  Our kids don't play with our phones and they rarely have time on a tablet (maybe one or two times a month), and we don't do movies or TV in the car.  I'm not saying this to say it's the right way for everyone, but it is what has worked for us.

So when we started trying out Google Home, I was a little skeptical.  Chip was really excited, because he wanted to hook it up to everything in the house, but I was worried it might be too much tech.

But I was wrong.  Because while I try to be off the phone around the girls, there are often things that I need it for, such as updating a grocery list, entering a calendar reminder, or playing music.  With Google Home, I can ask it to play the girls' favorite Sofia the First music, and it knows exactly what I mean, so there is no scrolling through my phone to find it.

And with all the dance parties we have around here, that is super helpful.

Quite often, my hands are literally full, so being able to just speak the words makes things so much simpler.  I also love asking about the weather for the day, so I don't raise any eyebrows walking into preschool because I didn't put enough layers on the baby.

We have had such a fun time trying it out; check out the video below for a quick glimpse of how it works.  This little guy would make a really fun Christmas gift!

Google Home - Lay Baby Lay Christmas from Hybrid on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to Google Home for sponsoring this post!  I love working with sponsors who inspire creativity.


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