felt letter pillows DIY

baby room pillowsToday, I'm sharing a little tutorial on how to do these felt letter pillows from the shared room.  These are really pretty simple and sweet, and it's something you could translate onto a lot of other projects.  It would be really fun to make some banners for a party with these letters!  I am loving working with felt lately.  It's inexpensive, forgiving, and bright.  I also made that little garland on Vivi's bed with little triangles and hearts.  Super easy!  Here is a little graphic for the pillows, with some more details typed out below:felt letter pillowAs noted above, don't stress about making the letters perfect.  You could draw them out with a marker before cutting them if freehand cutting gives you anxiety, but I think you'll like the end result of the hand-cutting better.  The imperfection adds charm, and felt is so inexpensive that you can keep trying until you like the look.  Also, I added piping to Brigette's pillow, but not to Vivi's.  I love the look of piping, but sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out.  Too much tedium for me.  If you want to try it and have never done it before, I used this tutorial but I put the zipper at the bottom of the pillow like this.  It really isn't so bad, I guess, and it's not overly challenging but it does require some precision and I don't always love having to pay that much attention.  Hope that helps!  Let me know if anything isn't clear.

Also, check out my sweet friend Lesley's blog today - I shared what a typical day is like for us.  I think it's always fun to see what other mamas are doing, so if you want to know how we stay busy, check it out!  And don't forget to enter the kissykissy giveaway, either!


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