family tree of frames

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I have received some questions about the wall of frames, so I have to share this frame resource.  There is a link in the first post about Vivi's nursery, but in case you missed it, all of the frames on the wall came from here.  I really wanted skinny gilded frames, but was having a difficult time finding affordable ones until I stumbled across that site, and for what they lack in website design, they make up for in price (and all the frames are made-to-order in the USA!).  I labeled each picture above with the frame size, so you can look them up if you wish.  All of the photos (except the quotes, which I printed on Chip's large format printer) were printed on my home printer, which makes this wall come to a total of about $75.  I had originally intended to paint a few of the frames in fun colors (which I did for the Flight of the Conchords posters - those frames are painted pink) but I ended up loving them all being the same pretty gold.

Stay posted for some fun style boards next week!


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