cute little monster

monster baby room ideasFor a little halloween fun, a (cute) monster inspired nursery.  This palette would also work well in a neutral/white room if you are in a home that can't be painted.  All the bright colors really pop and will make the space more interesting.

(1) Sky Chief Yellow Pendant

(2) Transistor Radio Print

(3) The First Grade Poster

(4) M is for Monster

(5) Maddie's Monsters

(6) Sasquatch Poster

(7) Yellow Floor Lamp

(8) Black Spindle Crib

(9) Glossy Blue Dresser (I tried to find a close paint swatch - this blue is so bright and happy!)

(10) Toothy Air the Monster Pillow

(11) Rawrie Air the Dino Pillow (these are so cute!)

(12) Rocking Chair Cushion (I love these sweet cushions!  What an economical way to update an old rocker.  This print looks like a great place for a fluffy little yeti monster to live.)

(13) Shake A Leg Monster Poster

(14) Black & White Rug




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