Cute Footie Roundup

one pieces for baby that are too sweet

It's hard to resist a baby in footies, and it makes getting them dressed a snap. I've rounded up some adorable options here, including some short versions that are great for these warmer months!

Pictured above: (1) Boat Onesie; (2) Lightning Footies; (3) Jungle Footies; (4) Princess Onesie; (5) Hearts Onesie; (6) On the Go Romper; (7) Cirque Magnetic Footies; (8) Sage Footie; (9) Carousel Footies; (10) Jellies Romper; (11) Doodle Footies; (12) Star Romper

Pictured above: (1) Unicorn Footies; (2) Dino Footies; (3) Butterfly Footies; (4) Strawberry & Unicorn Footies; (5) Crab & Ocean Critter Footies; (6) Flower and Bunny Footies; (7) Dino, Monster, and Puppy Footies; (8) Flower, Kitty, and Fruit Footies; (9) Truck Footies


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