christmas advent:

week 4

christmas adventFor the last day of Christmas advent inspiration with Lesley, we are focusing on the name "Prince of Peace."  The craft for this week is a felt crown.  This can really be whatever you can dream it up to be; I used felt, and stitched the ends together with gold thread and added metallic pom poms, but the embellishment options are endless!  christmas adventFor the fourth week of Christmas advent (starting December 22nd), light a fourth candle, and light the four candles when you eat together as a family.  Read Isaiah 9:6 and talk about what it means that Jesus is the prince of peace, and maybe talk about how your little ones are princes and princesses, too, as they are sons and daughters of God, and discuss the meaning of peace.  On Christmas Eve, light the fifth candle in addition to all the others (the tallest/middle one) and read the Christmas story all adventBe sure to check out Lesley's beautiful crown cookies today!  I love that she added orange zest to the dough!  I hope you have enjoyed this week of advent inspiration; take it and make it your own this Christmas season.  I'll be doing this with Vivi, and posting her versions of all the crafts on instagram (tagged #christmasadvent).  Be sure to tag your photos, if you play along!  I'd love to see what you do!  christmas advent


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