christmas advent:

week 3

christmas adventFor week 3 of advent inspiration with Lesley, the name from Isaiah 9:6 is "Everlasting Father," meaning never ending and never changing.  The craft for this week is a felt tree ornament.  Just cut out pieces of felt and glue or stitch them together, and add  little pom poms, sequins, felt shapes, or whatever sounds fun to decorate them.  I stitched these together with gold thread and added sequins for sort of a vintage ornament look, but of course you can make these much simpler.  (I'll be instagramming Vivi's versions of all these in December as we do them together!) I used gold floral wire at the top to hang them, and they would make really sweet gifts to others!christmas adventFor week 3 of advent, light a third candle (you skip the tallest/middle candle!) whenever you sit down to eat together as a family.  Read Isaiah 9:6 and talk about what everlasting means.  We have a couple of evergreen trees in our yard, mixed in with a lot of other trees that lose their leaves in the cold weather.  It's a striking visual of the difference between them; the evergreens stand strong against the cold and they don't mantelI love how these can be hung on the mantel (or over your dining table!) as a visual reminder!  Be sure to check out Lesley's blog today for a super yummy hot chocolate recipe!


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