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changing table tipsMy favorite part of Brigette's nursery is the changing table setup.  I think it is Brigette's, too.  She is absolutely mesmerized by the wallpaper, and sometimes it calms her down like nothing else will.  She stares at it and just coos and smiles like she is in love with it.  (By the way, several of you have asked where to get the wallpaper.  I purchased it through my friend Erin, so feel free to email her if you are interested in it.)  Below is a little more info about the details on Brigette's changing table:

Changing Pad & Changing Pad Cover: I love Land of Nod's changing pad cover options.   They are fun, affordable, and they are really cushy and comfy for baby.  Be sure to purchase their changing pad if you go with their covers, because they are a lot larger than the standard ones at most stores.  I think this is a huge plus because Vivi outgrew her changing pad in length at about a year (note that some babies get much too adventurous/active for a changing pad at this point anyway - but Vivi wasn't that way), so I had to add a little pillow so her head didn't hang off the edge or hit the tray.  This one is considerably larger!

Changing Pad Tray: Vivi's ever-so-handy Grandpa built a changing pad tray for her table, and one for Brigette's as well.  A tip on dressers: be sure to consider the height of the dresser you purchase.  Most mid-century finds are considerably lower, and you want it to be a comfortable height for changing diapers.  This tray has wooden ball feet added to compensate for the lip at the back of the dresser, and also to add a little height.  It is perfect, and I haven't thought twice about whether it is too low or not.  I love the finished look of the tray, and I painted this one a glossy black with some Rub N' Buff around the top edge.

Tray: I love having a tray on the changing table.  It's a nice way to organize frequently used items (like wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.) while keeping them within easy reach.

Sconces: I was really excited we were able to incorporate sconces into the room.  I have been wanting some on this wall for awhile, and it worked out that we needed to rewire all the electrical in our house a few months ago, so we had the wiring done to make it happen.  I think dimmers are a must in a nursery, and I turn these on a low setting for bedtime and middle of the night feedings so there is enough light for me to see, but not so much that it wakes up the baby too much.  Another plus is that as baby turns into an adventurous toddler, you won't have to worry about a lamp that will get knocked over or pulled down.

Zebra Prints: I created these for Brigette's nursery, and had them printed onto wood, and my dad added the extra thin painted trim around the edges for a finished look.  I'd love to be able to sell sets of them (since some of you inquired), but I have some details to work out and I'm not really certain when that may happen.  However, I did open a Society6 print shop where you can purchase printed versions. They are an unusual size, so framing will have to be custom, but there is the option to print them on a ready to hang wrapped canvas.  I have never done this before, but thought it might be a fun way to offer these to those of you who are interested (and there is a blue set, too!).

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