Brigette McLendon's Nursery!

Finally, it's time to share the nursery!  (Please note sources are in the pink margin and listed below this post.  I'll be featuring/highlighting more details throughout the week - as well as a really generous giveaway tomorrow!)  I'm excited to get to show you Brigette's space in our home.  If you didn't see previous posts, here is a little info on where her room is and the inspiration board for her nursery.  This room was formerly the dining room, and it is right in the middle of our house.  I wanted it to be a space that we would enjoy leaving open once she isn't sleeping so much during the day.  It is a bit amazing to me how very "Brigette" the room feels.  When you are planning a nursery, you know what you are hoping and praying for your baby, but you really have no idea what exactly they will be like.  It was an odd feeling to meet my babies for the first time and be surprised at how they look and act.  I thought after carrying them for 9 months, I would know them better than anyone, that their tiny precious faces would feel familiar, but they didn't.  With Vivi, I was shocked at all her dark hair and how tiny she was, and with Brigette, I was suprised to discover she is a redhead with entirely different features from her sister, but her fuzzy red hair and the Scotch in her name and the green on her walls mesh together perfectly. brigette's-nursery-3 I really love the green.  I was close to going with a creamy white, but at the end of the day, I just love trying out new paint colors and couldn't resist.  I was debating back and forth, but was sold on the green when we visited Rubbish Interiors in Silver Lake during our LA trip and I saw a beautiful verdant wall in one of the rooms.  The color we chose is Grasshopper by Sherwin Williams, and it is actually a little bit darker than it appears in these photos, although it changes with the light.  The black hutch (not sure what to call it?) is the one I updated, and all of the frames are vintage.  I found them at a favorite vintage/antique store on the cheap.  They contained outdated art, which I replaced.  It's a great way to get a custom framed look for a small fraction of the cost.  I re-used the mats and all.I also really wanted to include Hadley's Fireworks Wallpaper. I just love it, and have wanted to have it somewhere in my house for a few years now.  Because this room is so central to our home, it may very well turn back into a dining room one day if Brigette and Vivi end up sharing a space, and this paper will outlive the nursery, I believe, or adapt well should we change the feel of the room.

 I love being able to look at this wall when I feed Brigette at night.  The name Brigette means "strength" or "virtue" and I created the zebra panels with Psalm 28:7 written on them as a reminder of the prayer we have for her life, that she will live out this verse.  I know it may sound crazy, but even at two months I can tell she has a strong and steady spirit; a gentle and calm strength.  The plates are sort of an abstract representation of our family, and I tried to find vintage pieces that reflected each of us.  The largest plate is Chip, the one to the left of it is mine, the tiny green one is Brigette, and the one with the aqua rim is Vivi's.  I had fun looking for the perfect pieces for the wall, and Vivi put her hand print on her plate, and I plan to add Brigette's to hers as soon as I figure out how to get a tiny infant to cooperate on that.  Lastly, the large photo above the crib is of a part of our family farm.  Her middle name is from her great-grandfather, so I thought it fitting to include a piece of him in the room.  The community where he lived/farmed was formerly called LaCrosse, where two roads and a railroad track intersect, and the photo shows that crossing, along with a bit of his pecan orchard.

I'll be going into more depth on a few of the details in the room (I have an awesome giveaway going live tomorrow!!), but feel free to leave questions if you have any!  I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

Sources: (1) Kudos Crib in Walnut; (2) Florentine Crib Sheet; (3) Bird Mobile; (4) Flower Drum Shade; (5) XO Curtain Panels; (6) St. Barth Fabric; (7) Sconces; (8) Gold Tray; (9) Ottoman DIY; (10) Empire Rocker; (11) Pom Pom Throw; (12) Changing Pad Cover;  (13) Perfume Bottles Print; (14) Rainbow Hook; (15) Almond Inks Rug; (16) Ubbi Diaper Pail; (17) Rope Hamper


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