bathtime conversations

with a toddler

Just a little slice of life.  I recently bought that whale spout cover, and I love it.  I have been meaning to get it for awhile now, but I'm sure you know how that goes.  Things can stay on my list for weeks.  I relax so much more at bath time now, though, because I don't have to worry about Vivi getting a scrape from the spout.  Baths are definitely one of her most beloved activities at the moment.  Do you have any favorite bath toys for your toddler?  Our collection consists of a plastic boat, a foam book, a cup, and a duck.  Vivi loves the book, but I'd like to find a couple more interesting things for the tub.  Please comment if you have ideas!

A couple of other things for the weekend:

(1) Thanks to Seed Factory for the post today.  Don't forget about the event next weekend if you will be in town!  I would love to meet some of you, and the shop is too cute to miss if you haven't been there yet!

(2) Check out Lay Baby Lay's picks for adorable online boutique Darling Clementine, which is full of excellently curated baby items.  More on that later!

Happy Friday!


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