a few of my favorite things:

3 weeks in

Here are a few of my favorite things that I have been particularly enjoying over the past three weeks:

(1) Hanna Andersson Onesies: These are so adorable!  They are cozy and I love the long sleeves, as well as the adorable patterns.

(2) Empire Rocker: I always drooled over this beautiful chair, but had never sat in one until we got ours.  After having spent (already) countless hours in it, I can say it's very comfortable.  I love the high back and the extra width for propping up pillows for comfortable nursing positions.  I have found that it's all to easy to fall asleep with my head nestled against one of the wings at 3 a. m. . . .  I will say it is essential to have an ottoman with it, though.  Otherwise it's not quite as cozy.

(3) Company: With Vivi, I didn't enjoy company as much.  The newness of life with a baby, and the neverending hormonal emotional roller coaster made me feel like having visitors was a chore.  Now, I welcome it.  I love having friends and family stop by, and it also has helped a whole lot to keep Vivi entertained.  Since I can't really sleep when the baby sleeps, it's especially nice to have someone to chat with.

(4) Lemon Aid: I love this stuff.  Makes me think I look fresh and bright eyed, even when I'm struggling through the day with little sleep.

(5) A pretty tray: I have one on the changing table with diapering essentials, and one by the rocker for a big glass of water and a book or tissues or whatever I might need for nursing sessions.  Makes the little items feel more organized, and gives beauty to essentials.

(6) Fresh Flowers: A few friends have given me flowers since Brigette was born, and I keep them on the changing table in the nursery.  The bright blooms add extra life, and make me so happy when I look at them - it's a great way to love on a friend!  Even bringing in the camellias from the yard is a welcome burst of pretty.

(7) Oatmeal: Having a good breakfast gets me on top of the day, and oatmeal is supposed to help with your milk supply.  I love this kind, and the tin is adorable.  The instant version is also really yummy, especially with a bit of brown sugar and strawberries . . .

(8) Easy on/Easy off Sleeper: This is my favorite outfit of Brigette's.  It's warm with the long sleeves and legs, and the full zipper means it doesn't have to go over her head.  It's the perfect size, too, as there is room to grow, but it doesn't swallow her like most of her other clothes.

(9) Zen Swaddle: I love this swaddle!  It is really soft, and it has velcro closure that keeps it secure, but isn't super loud.  It also has a smaller pocket for a newborn, and will grow with baby, so you don't have to go up a size.


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