a baby shower for ashley

cowboy baby shower inspirationToday's post is just about what is on my mind . . . as I wrote recently, my sister is expecting a baby boy!  I'm throwing a shower with some of her friends this weekend, and I can't wait!  Above is some of my inspiration for the feel of the party (links to sources to the right).  It's sort of a cowboy/farm thing.  Here's hoping for no rain so we can celebrate with the dogwoods and azaleas . . .

I also have to say it has really been nice to have an event to look forward to.  Those first few weeks with a newborn are exhausting, seemingly endless, and really tough (at least for me!).  Being able to look ahead and plan for something fun reminded me that my head would be above water before too long, and sure enough, here I am!  Along with that is Brigette's 3 month birthday today!  I feel like it's such a big day for her - can't wait to see her little personality really begin to emerge!  Her sweet cheeky grins just make my heart soar.


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